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espresso martini

espresso martini

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Hello! I'm Maddie Brewer, welcome to my website~

I'm a director, animator, illustrator, and writer based in Los Angeles, CA (originally from Chicago...<3)

I'm make weird animation for freaks and I always want to make some more! The kids love it! If there's one thing about my work, it's usually about strange and unusual bitches.

Currently doing a lot of tv dev. Always looking to pitch more for tv and feature. Or make another short film and try and get into Sundance again. Email me! I'll send you pitches and scripts! We could even get on a general meeting!


I also freelance for directing/writing/design <3

Employers: Adult Swim, Amazon Prime, Psyop, Tornante, Comedy Central, Blink Inc, Grin Machine, &Furthermore, Augenblick, Jim Henson, Bento Box, ETC.

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