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Maddie Brewer | Animation and Illustration 
Maddie Brewer is a freelance illustrator, animator, writer and filmmaker from RISD. Mostly she wants to make people laugh, and think, and maybe vomit? Probably in that order. 

773-575-1328   |   mbrewer@risd.edu

Maddie Brewer

Illustrator and Animator at RISD

On a rainy day in April of 1997.... Maddie Brewer emerged from the swampy marshlands of northern Illinois... She spent her childhood in the city of Chicago where she grew to love the taste of cheese and caramel popcorn in the same mouthful.


At 18 she was shipped off to Rhode Island to experience the

pure ecstasy of majoring in Illustration and Animation at the Rhode Island School of Design (with a concentration in Literary Arts.) 

Whether it's in her children's books, animations, comics, or other illustrated works, Maddie Brewer mostly just wants to make people laugh, and then think, and then maybe vomit? Probably in that order. She likes experimenting with medium, breaking aesthetic conventions, and having FUN.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, eating, and hibernating.

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